Everything Herbs!

I’ve recently been taking Herb classes and although I have been taking and reading about herbs for a few years now, I was still blown away by the information. For example, who knew putting cayenne pepper on a cut would stop the bleeding instantly! And for you mommies out there, chamomile tea, as well as, breastmilk, will clear up conjunctivitis (pink eye for those of you that do not know the medical term).

From my excitement, I decided to add this page. I wanted to share what I learn with everyone that visit my page to save you some money and time. Money that you will have to spend for very expensive pharmaceutical medication. And time being spent in an urgent care or emergency room. A lot of these herbs are already in your medicine cabinet or just a quick ride to a local store. Not only that herbs can be bought with your snap benefits (if you receive them).

I hope you enjoy this segment of my blog and find the information I share as beneficial as I do!

Since it is the cold and flu season, I’d like to share a couple of more jewels!

Fever: Rub peppermint essential oil (found at Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Wal-mart, Target) on the bottoms of your, or babies, feet to bring it down.

Cough Syrup: Fresh Lemon, cayenne pepper, and raw honey.

4 thoughts on “Everything Herbs!

  1. love this Brit! Great information!

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    1. Thank you!! I am excited about this!!

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  2. Thanks for sharing Bri. I didn’t know about the cayenne pepper to stop the bleeding. I use it to help decrease my blood pressure.Thanks for the information!

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  3. I’m so blown away by that cayenne pepper.

    And I literally just purchased some herbs online today. Comfrey and sea moss. Since my ankle is broke and I won’t be getting surgery for a while I decided to try out the natural route with my healing! Comfrey is known as “knitbone” because the compresses encourage the bones to knit together, having been used for many centuries and still is. Wish me luck!


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