Quarantined with nothing to do…

This quarantine can become real depressing for a lot of people, especially because we live in a time where everyone feels as if they have to be constantly doing something. Guess what, sometimes it is ok to not be doing anything. Sometimes, our bodies need to chill and reset. And let’s be honest, a lot of the stuff we were doing was not necessarily good for us anyways; sitting at a desk staring at a computer all day, taking a million pictures “doing stuff” just to put on social media, etc. Nothing was nourishing our souls or bodies. So lets discuss some things that we can do to occupy our time and minds, while nourishing the soul and/or our bodies at the same time.

If you are someone that have been asking for that time you need to make some changes, now is the time. Literally, you have nothing but time. And this isn’t going to be one of those posts that makes you feel like a loser, you know those posts that are popping up on your timeline saying, “If you don’t come out of this quarantine with a new business, skill, etc, you have def wasted your time.” *insert eye roll* I can’t be the only one that get annoyed when those posts come up, lol.

When I say make some changes, I mean changes that make you feel good inside, that make you feel whole.

If you have been wanting time to read, stock up on some good books and spend this time reading. Reading was always one of my favorite things to do. However, over the years, it seems like reading was impossible. It was like, I would go to work and then come home and be on social sites or watching TV. So guess what, I went to Barnes and Noble, before they closed their stores due to the lockdown, and bought like three books. In case, you are wondering, I am reading Outlander (currently a hit series on Starz). These books are hella thick too, like 900 pages each, and there are 8 in the series!!! I am on book two currently. And, let me tell you, I am enjoying my time spent reading. I am grateful I was given this time to get lost in a book.

Maybe you have some health goals, or you had a routine, but life took you for some twists and you fell off and couldn’t quite get back on track. Well now you have the time to refocus. Before I made the move to Vegas, I had a whole mental and physical health routine. I meditated on a daily basis, I wasn’t eating junk food (except on my cheat days), and I did some form of exercise. Well, when I moved to Vegas, I had to stay with my sister for a while, and living with someone and not having your own space can be difficult. Then, I got hired as a wedding coordinator, and my schedule at that job was chaotic and it was very fast paced. So, no structure and not having my own space, caused my routine to crumble! I wasn’t cooking, so I spent more time eating out, and because my schedule was so all over the place, I found myself eating more and more junk food. And don’t even think about asking me about meditating. My life was a mess. But finally, I did find my own place and my a new job, and slowly, I started getting myself used to having structure, and now that I am quarantined, I am able to work on my routine. So I have been waking up in the morning, making my smoothies, then meditating, and then doing an hour of yoga. And since, I don’t have money, guess who isn’t eating out or buying junk food! Not to mention, when you start eating more healthily, your body actually stops craving the bad stuff.

Maybe you have been so caught up with work, your man, your kids, etc that you have disconnected from friends. Well now you have the time, reconnect, call your friends and catch up. Maybe do facetime or zoom calls with your whole crew. We are all guilty of it. And I know we live in a time where no one wants to reach out because, “she has my number too!” But, you know if someone is not fucking with you as opposed to they are just caught up in their own lives, use your discernment in this situation. But, there is nothing wrong with reaching out. I have reached out to a few people I hadn’t talked to in awhile. Some were excited to hear from me and we talked for hours (there is still a lot of love there), others, the conversation was dry and kind of one sided (so you know I am not calling them back, lol… see discernment).

Those are just things, I have been doing to keep myself busy. But there are so many others, painting, experiment in the kitchen with cooking and baking, maybe organize your closet or drawers. Start a podcast or a YouTube channel. If you have kids, play games, get to know your kids, reconnect with your kids.

Hopefully, these suggestions were useful. And, I know a lot of you are counting down the days til when this quarantine will be over, but I must say, I am enjoying this time to myself to reset. Hopefully, you will find out what nourishes your soul and body and it will cause you to enjoy this time as well.

4 thoughts on “Quarantined with nothing to do…

  1. Loved reading this! Great work!


  2. Loved this! Thanks for the encouragement to find our passions and what lights a spark within us!


  3. Shabrawna N Rabon April 17, 2020 — 3:02 am

    Definitely time to be still and listen to God


  4. God definitely set us down for a reason, and I like how you said it vs those posts that press you about not having a business started once out of quarantine lol. That’s actually pretty unrealistic, and many people are just fine not owning a business. But with this situation, a time that no one ever could have imagined, we should each do something that is good for us personally. I was actually thinking of working on my book!


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