Why Meditating is Important and Powerful

These last couple of years has been met with chaos and confusion for many.  Meditation can be a great way to find a sense of grounding in these times of uncertainty.

Meditation is more than just sitting quietly with your legs crossed reciting mantras.  Consistent meditation can be a powerful self care practice that transforms your way of thinking and life. Below are some tips on the benefits of meditation and how it can support your self care practice.

  • Meditation quiets the mind

We are living in a time where  injustice, confusion, and division are constantly being

displayed everywhere. We are bombarded with opinions in the news, on social media, in the workplace, etc. Taking all of that in can cause so much anxiety. Meditating is a way to cultivate positivity in our lives. Meditation is a way to maintain and stand firm with integrity.

  • Meditation can strengthen your relationship with yourself and spiritual practice

With so much going on in the world, it is easy for some to lose faith in themselves and their spiritual practice. Meditation is a way to, not only maintain, but grow with your personal spiritual practice; as well as, allowing you to hear your inner voice more clearly. I always tell people, when I pray, I am talking to God and when I meditate, I am able to hear God’s response. As I’ve strengthened my relationship with God, I’ve also strengthened my relationship with myself. I am more prepared to make better decisions for myself and trust that I am on the right path.

  • Meditation keeps us healthy and grounded

Meditation is a reset. Chaos in the mind leads to chaos within the body. Our immune systems are weakened, our eating habits may change, and our sleep may be disrupted. Blocking negativity allows us to be secure and disciplined, keep our bodies healthy,  and will allow us to live peacefully in the present moment.

  • Meditation can change the way you view yourself and the world

By using affirmations (positive thoughts about yourself) while meditating, you are transforming your conscious to think positively. If you are someone that has never felt, or thought of yourself, to be beautiful, consistently chanting “I am beautiful” while meditating will then have you seeing yourself differently. Now, when you look in the mirror you will feel more beautiful or feel more confident when you walk into a room full of people. In addition, focusing more on positive thoughts while meditating will allow you to attract more positive experiences and see the good things that are happening in society, not just the negative.

Meditation can be key to transforming your world from chaos to peace, your heart from pain to love, and your thoughts from confusion to clarity. Meditation can be dancing, resting, listening to music that soothes your soul, or crocheting a scarf. The power of Meditation is endless and consistency supports the process.  Meditation is an opportunity to allow space for comfort, stillness, and healing for your soul.

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