About Me

I am a certified yogi and Reiki II practitioner. I, also, specialize in spiritual tarot readings, assisting people with their spiritual journey, healing, and becoming empowered.

But getting here was no walk in the park.

I walked the same path as many of you reading my blog. I am not a perfect person, I am flawed, but I am also empowered. I have been broken from multiple heartbreaks. I have suffered from the guilt of having an abortion. I have suffered from the guilt of being with men that just wanted to use my body, my finances, hell, my energy. I felt guilt because I knew those guys didn’t care for me and weren’t good for me. I felt guilty for dating, and actually falling in love with guys that were friends (It wasn’t at the same time nor was intentional ladies, shit happens). But, I chose not to stay in that guilt and let those moments define me, I chose to take those situations and learn from them, grow from them. I became empowered from those situations.

Believe me when I tell you, the road to becoming healed, empowered, and loving self is not easy! It takes some serious accountability and shadow work (I will make a post about shadow work, it is sooo important)! I spent a lot of time alone, meditating, journaling, and reading books. And lastly, this transformation did not happen overnight. I transformed subtlety over the span of years, ten years to be exact. I grew mentally and spiritually, still working on the physically part (lol, although I am not yet where I wish to be, I did grow to appreciate where I am at).

Furthermore, I did the work so I could take my experiences and lessons to provide a beautiful and safe space to help other women, who are ready and willing, to journey down their path to empowerment and self love. I should also mention that I am still learning, so we will definitely be on this journey together!

Are ya’ll ready?

If so, then lets grow and heal together!

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