Mindful Body & Soul Wellness

Las Vegas, NV 89110

Our History

Mindful Body & Soul Wellness has been a company in the making for some time now. I have officially decided to launch this year, 2020!

For the last six years of my life, I have been on this journey, unknowingly, to heal and empower myself. It was then revealed to me, from multiple spiritual sources, that I was to use my knowledge and experience to heal others. How I was going to do so, I did not know! I just knew that I had to! My spirit was forcing me to.

Within the last two to three years, my vision became clearer on what it was that I needed to do. I became a certified yoga instructor and began reading tarot cards (visit my Tarot card page for a few reviews).

Thus, throughout my journey, I began studying different ways of healing; crystals, astrology, yoga, meditation, chakras, reiki, etc. And every experience propelled my growth higher.

Furthermore, I am ready to use my knowledge and experience to help heal and empower other women.

In addition to offering blogs loaded with information, I will be hosting workshops with the intention of getting your healing journey started, as well, as moving your healing journey along.

In these workshops, we will do yoga, meditate, have discussions via healing circles; as well as, participate in various activities that promote healing on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

Mindful Body and Soul Wellness is a non-profit because I want women of all demographics to benefit from what we offer. In addition, we are also a non-judgmental safe place for women who are lost and broken. We all come from a broken place and need one another for support and empowerment.

At Mindful Body and Soul Wellness, we heal together and we grow together!

Me during a pole lesson. Didn’t realize at the time, but pole helped me to love my body.

“I have known Bri for a long time, however, we reconnected in 2012 or 2013 (I had not seen her since she was a about 12/13 years old). Since then we have learned that despite the years of absence and our age difference (I am older than her) we have many things in common. Honestly, I would consider her somewhat of a spiritual mentor or guide. Over the years her positive, non-judgmental mindset has gotten me through things that I never had to speak of and she may not have known about. The conversations that we have had and knowledge that she has shared with me has been a huge part of my transcendence. My knowledge on spirituality, healing, crystals, trauma, sexuality, and activism has expanded through our conversations, as well as, her blog.

Bri is authentic and has a trustworthy positive vibe. She is multifaceted, intelligent, and an activist. Her wide array of talents are used to uplift women and spread knowledge. I have read her books & blog, participated in her yoga class, and received a tarot reading from her and she puts her heart and soul in everything she does. Bri walks the walk unapologetically with humility, authenticity, an open mind, and compassion.” —Yolanda B.

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Las Vegas, NV 89110
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