Tarot Readings

One of the ways I was able to heal was through tarot card readings. When you are on the journey of healing, you have so many questions and thoughts roaming through your head. And its funny, because your spirit knows exactly what you need, and your spirit will lead you exactly where you need to go to find clarity and peace. I like to tell people that God uses different resources to communicate with you, and Tarot is one.

My first tarot reading, I was so lost due to not working, and still feeling the pain of my break-up from a guy I was with for about four to five years. My friend randomly called me and asked me to ride with him to Solvang, CA to visit this tarot reading. I wasn’t doing anything, so I was like sure. I did not know what to expect, but I decided I was going to receive a reading as well.

We arrived at her shop and I fell in love! There were crystals everywhere, books, and the whole vibe was just spiritual and magical. Furthermore, when I went in for my reading, this woman brought tears to my eyes. She revealed so much to me: She told me my ex wasn’t good for me and that I needed to forget about him and let him go, she told me that I was going to come into my own spiritual power and heal into this amazing woman, she also told me about some things affecting my sister and father. The entire reading was so comforting and reassuring, I left her shop feeling empowered.

Last year, oddly, I decided to buy some tarot cards, my spirit just told me. Well, maybe not oddly, I had received multiple tarot readings in the past that if I allowed my spirit to lead me, I could open up to my own spiritual gifts and access my power. I have also been told that I am healer, hence this blog site, my purpose is to help heal and empower women. Anyways, I bought the cards, being led by my spirit, and I started giving readings. To this day, I have given close to one hundred readings, for free (I have been paid for about five of the readings). I have felt tremendous joy being able to provide clarity and empowerment to people on the receiving end of my readings.

There is nothing to be afraid of when receiving a tarot reading. I know some people like to say, I only speak to God, and my response to that is I speak to God too and he may have a message for you that I can deliver. I am not a psychic, but I am spiritual and my intuition and connection to God is high, I will not tell you the future, but will instead give you guidance, confidence, and a peace of mind from whatever it is bothering you.

If you would like a reading, they are $50.00 for 60 minutes, contact me via Facebook or Instagram by clicking the icons below and we can get you scheduled!

I accept Cashapp, Paypal, and Zelle.

I had the privilege of receiving a tarot reading from Bri and although, we had a lengthy conversation about a situation I was struggling with, my reading spoke to a different part of my life. The reading redirected my energy to more important things and provided confirmation that I needed. I am sure she picked up my subconscious energy because none of my cards were about anything I had talked about before. — Yemaya U.

21 thoughts on “Tarot Readings

  1. I received a reading. And it was spot on! She told me things that I already knew but jus needed the confirmation on if I was moving in the right direction!

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    1. My Tarot Virginity has officially been taken! As a first timer, I am completely blown away by my reading and conversation with Ms. Bri. I’ll be honest, being raised Christian I shied away from anything not having to do with church, especially spiritual practices and anything psychic related. However as I grew into manhood, I began to research and through cultural history I was led to think less evil of practices that are not directly connected to the Christian religion, for history did reveal that things are not always what they seemed.
      Finally confident enough, I thought id give this a try, for I was hitting walls in my life regarding Love, Self confidence, career, finances, and purpose. BOY WAS I IN FOR A TREAT. Within seconds…. Bri addressed them all without me opening my mouth. Her spirit and intuition was spot on in delivering the messages and information I was supposed to hear. Everything she said resonated loudly in me. Not only did I receive confirmation about my struggles or blocks, she also gave sound advice how to combat these issues, allowing my energy to heal immediately. The energy began to flow, and I am excited to get into my post reading work, taking Bri’s advice and implementing them immediately. I can only imagine the type of energy flow my chakras will experience once I combat these things.


      Thank you Bri!!!! I look forward to our next reading!

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      1. Reading #2
        For my second reading we got to cover things that I had been working on since my first reading. The cards drawn this time gave confirmation that I am combating some issues and am headed in the right direction. My previous cards that were reversed, were drawn upright this time! I have Bri to thank for she instructed me on how to tackle these issues and cleanse my energy.
        I also just returned from a trip where a number of events happened, Bri spoke on all of them before I revealed the stories… she spoke ver Batum of my experience, and she thought she was only giving examples. 🤯👏🏽👏🏽 I am a firm believer in her spirit and ability to heal.

        I can not stress enough, My experiences have been confirmation enough… Book your session now! She is sweet, funny and honest asf! You are reading this for a reason…. go head you wont be disappointed!

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  2. Great session you really lay it all on the table and is honest very kind and detailed and connected very well with my situation got so much closure thank you for your guidance.

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  3. Would definitely do another reading so far everything has happened that was told to me…..

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  4. Brit, got me right on together! The reading was actually soothing. Will def be going back to sis again. She’s awesome!

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  5. Hit everything on the needle for me !!! Caused me to do some soul searching and rediscover me ! Very honest and humble !

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  6. Bri offered to do a reading for me in May, the day after my birthday. Truthfully, I was a bit skeptical at first because readings went against my personal beliefs. Bri has such a calming and encouraging spirit that I decided “why not?”. I’m so thankful that I did, every thing that came up in the cards aligned with what I was going through and gave me realistic direction for my life. She was attentive and took the time to give explain in detail what each card meant and how it applied to me. I’ll definitely be reaching out again for another reading. I felt empowered and optimistic afterwards. Bri is gifted, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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  7. I’ve grown a lot since being in Bri’s orbit. When I came to Las Vegas, NV, I was so lost and emotionally distraught. I would talk to Bri about how I felt and she encouraged me to push through the pain. Bri literally taught me how to manifest the life that I have today. I have a great job with excellent benefits, a newer car, a bigger apartment, more money in my bank account, an abundance of self-love, faith and peace.

    I received a reading from Bri in the Fall of 2019 and lead me to make a great decision that altered my reality. She revealed the Two of Cups card which represented a decision I had to make between two opportunities. I’m thankful for the wisdom that her reading offered me because I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today. I highly recommend Bri for a reading and spiritual consultation. She has a beautiful understanding of the world and life overall. She is truly gifted.

    So do not delay and hesitate. Follow your spirit and book a reading with her today.

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  8. Awesome Reading!!! My tarot reading experience was very much true and very insightful. I would encourage anyone to get a tarot reading done by Bri especially when in need of guidance and confirmation or soul searching. It has been a pleasure in talking with Bri and very comforting and judge-free zone to open up and release freely. My reading from Bri is not only about tarot reading but also about healing and self love and I will cherish that always. Thank you Bri 💜

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  9. Jahnysha Nemeth June 26, 2020 — 5:00 pm

    I received a reading late March 2019. Overall she began to tell me of a strong presence in my life and I could go far if I set my focus on something as well as these things bringing my life full circle. Honestly she gave me clarity of everything going on one my life at the time. It was such a calming but eye opening experience being this had been my first time ever having a reading. Britney is very trustworthy and I knew being vulnerable in her presence was more than ‘okay’.

    Less than a month later I found I was pregnant then got married later that year and started a business! Now I’m living my best life, Britney’s ready clarifies everything I have been manifesting in my life.

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  10. The reading that I received from Bri was great. Everything she told me was on point. After my reading, I felt a relief lifted off of me. I will always come back for another reading. Thank you 😊

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  11. The reading I received from Bri was great. After my reading I felt a weight lifted off me. My reading was accurate, she was very positive and made me feel comfortable. I will come back for another reading.

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  12. I had my first tarot reading with Britney and it was exactly what I needed for it to be. It was done in very relaxed setting and I felt like I could ask her a question at any time. The overall theme of my reading was that there was an imbalance in my life and I needed to do more work on myself. That was great to know, but I really didn’t have an idea of how to even begin that but she recommended a book that will help me figure out exactly what I need to focus on, which was extremely helpful! I definitely plan on going to her for another reading in a couple of months.

    If you’re thinking about getting a reading, go ahead and book with Britney! You won’t be disappointed.

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  13. Before I start….I wanna say her energy is amazing. I got my reading done last weekend and everything was on point! Along with reading she also gave me alot of positive advice ….she takes her time and she explains everything in a way that you can understand ….I will definitely be getting another reading and I will also be participating in her other spiritual services.

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  14. I just had my tarot reading today and when I tell you all I’ve never understood things more clearly until after that reading and she had so much advice and clarity. She didn’t leave me to figure out what I needed to do after nor did she leave lost or confused. She explained everything so clearly and even gave me the advice I needed to help me spiritually.

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  15. My reading was amazing everything was spot on from beginning to end she also make you feel calm go book a reading you’ll love it ❤️

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  16. My experiences with tarot readings have been so insightful. I highly recommend getting a reading from Britney. I have had a reading from her twice and both readings have been so insightful. I admit these readings have helped me get out of my rut, figure out a way to heal myself, and to ask for help too. Both readings were spot on with my emotions and feelings. I will definitely be getting more readings from her in the future. She is definitely the spiritual guide that I needed.

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  17. I had my first reading by Britney around August of 2020. And have had several since then. They’ve always been spot on! From things that I needed to work on or accept personally, to the men that I’ve dated. It is amazing how much insight you can gain from first being open to a reading, then to actually recieve the reading from a genuinely in tune person. On one of my readings, she asked what I needed to know about a particular person, and within months those answers she told me, began to show in that person. Truly amazing! As always, I thank you for the readings you provide and will surely be back for more!


  18. Great insight on Brittneys tarot reading. Very spot on!👌🏾


  19. She Is really good very on point felt very cleansed and I also learned alot…will definitely be going back to her very soon


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